Wednesday, December 29, 2010

ALL IS WELL........

Dear Family, Hey! It was great hearing and seeing you during the video chat! Everyone looks great and it sounds like everyone is doing good. I appreciate all of your love and support. We had a great Christmas here and now we are getting ready for the new year. I love the new year it's a great time to put down some new plans and new goals. What are some of your goals for the new year? We have a pretty busy week with interviews with President Benton and then having our combined meeting with the zone leaders and President Benton this week. I love the mission and I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve. I love you and I am praying for. Have a great week and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Con amor, Elder Brooks.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Conference.......

Dear Family, Hey its great to hear from you and sounds like everyone is getting ready for Christmas! Sorry I have not been able to write to you sooner but we have been prettty busy with everthing that is going on this week. This last Monday we had our big mission Christmas P-Day and it turned out very well. I sent you a picture of the staff that we took during p-day I hope you like it. I am guessing you are wondering at what time I will be calling this Christmas? I am not sure, I am pretty flexible and should have the chance to call whenever is best for you. I was thinking you can talk with each other and give me a time that would be best to call you. Please send me an email and let me know. I love you and I look forward to hearing from you. I will try and prepare myself for Moms questions, hah! I appreciate all of your support and I am very grateful for this opportunity I have been given to serve. Have a great week and know that I am praying for you. Con amor, Elder Brooks.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Dear Family, Hey it sounds like everything is going well and everyone seems to be staying busy. I am not sure if I mentioned in the last letter home but I received the package from mom and a few cards from Dad, Beckie, Mackenzie, Isaac, and Nellie. I just wanted to make sure and let you know i received them and say thanks again. Last week we stayed busy and this week we have a rather busy schedule with missionary interviews with President Benton as well as preparing for our Christmas P-day that we will be having this upcoming Monday. This last week went really well as we went to Chivilcoy to have missionary interviews with President Benton and the missionaries that work in Chivilcoy which is located pretty far from the mission office, its basically considered the country part of Argentina. After the interviews Elder Palacios and I stayed to do divisiones with the zone leaders Elder Baldomero, a former companion of mine and Elder Latorre. The divisiones went very well and it was great to work with Elder Baldomero again. He is a great Elder. The highlight of this week was a baptism that we had for one of our investigators named Adriana Graciela Lezcano! A couple of weeks ago as we were ending our day Elder Palacios and I did one more contact before going home, and that is when we met Adriana. At the time Adriana did not want to talk neither did she want to listen but we set up an appointment to pass by another day. The lord was preparing Adriana to hear our message. We began to talk to her and get to know her. As we shared the gospel with her she felt that this is what she needed in her life. Adriana is a great example and has a great testimony. She was so excited for her baptism, when we visited her she always told us she was just waiting for the day. This past Saturday the day arrived and Adriana was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The baptism went very well and the spirit was very strong. I am grateful for having met Adriana and for the faith that she has and her desires to follow our Saviour Jesus Christ. I love the mission. I appreciate your love and your support. I am praying for you. I look forward to hearing from you soon. I will you know with more details about Christmas and at what time I will be calling! I love you have a great week. Con amor Elder Brooks.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Dear Family, Hey it sounds like everything is going well back home and a thanks for all your letters, emails, and also a special thanks to mom for the package that you sent me! The package was filled with some good stuff of which the office staff and myself were able to thoroughly enjoy. Because of time constraints I was only able to briefly read your letters, since it was this week that we started a new transfer. Monday we held our transfer meeting. We have been really busy and I apologize for not writing sooner but I will try and fill you in on what we have been up to lately. This past week we have been preparing for transfers and planning it with President Benton. It's the truth that President Benton is the best of the best, he truly is an amazing man and we are very grateful to have him here leading and serving with us. This transfer as we planned with President Benton we had the opportunity to pray together and search for inspiration about what the mission needs, what the missionaries need, and what the investigators need. The spirit was very strong and we were able to understand better, as we contiuned to pray to our Heavenly Father his purpose. Monday we held our transfer meeting and I was given the opportunity to direct ( conduct ) the meeting. It was a great experience and turned out rather nice, if i may say so myself. After our transfer meeting we took the missionaries that are finishing their missions to the mission home and they had their last meal with President Benton.They then were able to share their testimonies after which we then took those missionaries to the airport and sent them home. Today, Tuesday after waking up we went to the airport to pick up the new missonaries arriving at the airport and also the new missionaries arriving from the MTC that is located here in Argentina. The new missionaries are an amazing group and they all have a really strong spirit as well as great desires to start to work and serve the Lord. This is a bit of an update on whats going on in the BAW mission. Our office staff is amazing and now we just added a new secretary of materials, Elder Bennett from Boston, Mass. We are really excited for this new transfer and especially excited to take up and accomplish the challenge that President Benton has set forth for us this transfer to all read the entire Book of Mormon before the end of this transfer. I am grateful for this opportunity to participate in the Lords work and serve those here in Argentina. Thanks for your continued love and support. I love you and I am praying for you. Have a great week, I look forward to hearing from you soon. Con amor, Elder Brooks.

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Cameron reads his mission call

Flag of Argentina

Flag of Argentina
The national flag of Argentina dates from 1812. The full flag featuring the sun is called the Official Ceremonial Flag (Spanish: Bandera Oficial de Ceremonia). The Official Ceremony Flag is the civil, state and war flag and ensign. The sun, called the Sun of May, is a replica of an engraving on the first Argentine coin, approved in 1813, whose value was eight escudos (one Spanish dollar). It has 16 straight and 16 waved sunbeams. According to tradition, during the Argentine War of Independence General Manuel Belgrano was commanding a battle near Rosario. He noticed that both the Crown's forces and the independence forces were using the same colors (Spain's yellow and red). After realizing this, Belgrano created a new flag using the colors that were used by the Criollos during the May Revolution in 1810. The flag was hoisted for the first time in Buenos Aires atop the Saint Nicholas of Bari Church on August 23, 1812. - Ref: