Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Dear Family and Friends, Sorry that I was not able to update you and let you know the President moved P-Day this week, but the reason he changed our P -Day this week was so that we could go to the temple today. Our P-Days are still on Monday. It’s a little sad but this was probably the last opportunity for the Elder's to go to the temple here in Argentina as they will be closing the temple for quite awhile ( between one and two years), but I am grateful for the several opportunities provided me to attend the BAW temple. It sounds like everyone is doing great, it also sounds as if mom had a enjoyable trip with her family to Ohio. Everything is going great here in Argentina. I had the opportunity to speak in church this past Sunday and it went really well. I was able to talk about the importance of missionary work and the blessings we receive as we share the gospel. As I have been sending pictures home I try to include who is in the pictures with me in the email I send. Mom often asks who are the other individuals in the pictures, i am not sure if you have been receiving this information when I send the pictures, if not let me know. I will try and send some more pictures today. This past week for Elder Tate and I was rather productive, including quite a few spiritual experiences.There is one experience in particular that I would like to share with you.This past saturday night as we were leaving one of our appointments and heading out to our next appointment, we for " some reason or OTHER " ended up taking some different streets than we usually do to our next appointment. As we were getting ready to turn a corner we faintly heard someone calling out to us, so we stopped and turned around, it was a member from our ward calling to us. The member is an elderly lady and a convert to the church. We came up to her house and she quickly invited us in. She explained how earlier she had cut her foot, as we looked we were able to see it was pretty bad. She explained how she had been trying to get a hold of some of the members in the ward all day but nobody was answering. We came to find out later that most of the members were at the temple all day with the youth doing baptisms for the dead. She told us she had said a prayer that the missionaries would pass by her house ( i soon came to realize that this answer to her prayer was the" for some reason or OTHER ", that Elder Tate and I took a different route to our intended appiontment ). Her prayer had been answered and she began to break down into tears. The spirit was very strong and we were privledged to give her a priesthood blessing. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve my Heavenly Father and his children here in Buenos Aires. Thanks to everyone for your love and support. I look forward to hearing from you soon, con amor Elder Brooks. We were not able to receive pouch mail this week but I will let you know when we do receive it. Also I was able to write E. Ludwig back.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Everything is awesome...2 more!

Dear Family and Friends,
It"s good to hear from everyone sounds like everyone is staying busy. Mom, sounds like your class reunion went well. That's pretty exciting that you, uncle Steve, and aunt Diane will be heading to Ohio to visit family; I'm sure you will have some good experiences. Happy birthday to Nellie; she is growing fast. I wasn't able to see the video you sent and I am not sure if it’s the computer or our email system. I do not really know, but I think just pictures are good enough. Dad mentioned something about someone writing, but I don't think I have received the letter. I will try and let you know what emails I receive and when I receive them from now on. So this week in Rafael Castillo we had two more baptisms! Deniss who is fourteen years old and her boyfriend Lucas who is seventeen. Deniss has a lot of family who are members, but a few are inactive. The baptism went great, no problems, and it was really good because maybe it can get Deniss´s family back to church so we'll see. Lucas is a really good kid, he works in the army here and basically provides for his family. He has desires to serve a mission. Also, this week we were at the Celle Family´s house and E. Tate and I learned how to make empanadas. We look forward to trying it on our own soon. Tomorrow we have interviews with Pres. Benton. I guess you heard what happen, but I'm sure everything is alright so do not worry. The weather has been changing a lot and not sure when winter will officially end, hopefully soon. Other than that everything is going great, the mission is amazing and I am grateful for all those who have played a part in giving me this opportunity to serve. Thanks for all your love and support; I hope you have a great week. I look forwarding to hearing from you soon. Con amor, Elder Brooks

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Grateful to Serve.......

Dear Dad, Its good to hear from you, sounds like everything is going great and your still trying to lose weight!hah that’s what I like to hear. As for me and my weight I am doing alright. I do not think I am losing weight I think I am filling in. The weather is getting better here so I am pretty excited, it seems like winter as lasted forever. Today we are getting together as a district and we are going to the church to play some fútbol/soccer and handball. With the weather is getting better I think I will be able to get out and exercise a little more like go running because lately I have just been doing exercises in the apartment, push ups, sit ups, arm exercises, and stretching. The mission is amazing and it looks like we will be having two more baptisms this Saturday. I really am grateful for this opportunity to serve and represent our saviour Jesus Christ. I appreciate your love and support. Hope you have a great week, continue reading in The Book of Mormon as a family thats really important and can really bring the family together, also continue to do things as a family that invite the Spirit. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Con amor, Elder Brooks. Tell Beckie thanks for sending the pictures and for all her support

Monday, September 7, 2009

It's a dirty job...but someone's gotta do it!

Dear Family and Friends,
Hey sounds like everyone is doing great. Also, it sounds like you have received the pictures I sent through the mail and also the ones I emailed that’s great. I did not realize I wrote the address wrong but I am glad you were still able to receive it. Of course you have questions about the pictures with the mud, that was quite a story. I will try and describe what went down….me hah. The streets were covered in mud due to the rain and we were going to our appointments as normal. As we headed to our last appointment we reached a street covered in mud. Long story short I tried to jump to a different area of the street. However, the part I was jumping from was also muddy. I took a step back to get some momentum. Then I took about two good steps forward and planted my foot to jump. As I pushed off to jump, my right foot totally slipped out from under me and I clearly was not able to make to the area I desired. I ended up covered in mud but I was able to clean the clothes later, so mom do not worry. So as you know we changed our preparation day to Monday. Due to the temple closing soon is the reason for the change. I was able to attend the temple last transfer and we are scheduled to go again this transfer before it closes. I will still be sending the weekly newspaper but you will be getting it a week later because they send it to us on Thursdays now. Thanks for emailing more pictures, I have not looked at them yet but will when I get the time. Dad thanks for the BYU update that’s pretty impressive. Elder Brown one of the other Elders in our apartment from the last transfer received a new missionary straight from the MTC, and made me think about when I arrived here for the first time. We are doing our best to help him get adjusted. It seems like we have not had a regular p-day forever. We had a zone activity one day, we went to the temple another day, and now transfers meetings which are on Mondays take up half our p-days as well, but it's ok. Short story, usually we went to transfer meetings, not knowing who is going to change areas. I was thinking I was going to leave Castillo this past transfer because I have been serving for about four months. We told some of the recent converts and members so I could have them write in my journal and such, because usually you would find out in the transfer meeting on Monday and have to leave to your new area Tuesday. As I told the Celle family, they were a little sad because they did not want me to leave yet, and neither did I. It was an amazing experience to hear them say in their prayers, Please let Elder Brooks stay. It was also an amazing experience to have them receive their answer when I went to this past transfer to find I would be staying here in Castillo for this transfer. This mission is amazing, I am very grateful for all your love and support. I look forward to hearing from you soon, con amor Elder Brooks.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mission Records !!!!!!!!!

Dear Family and Friends,
We just finished the end of another transfer. We had a lot of success as a mission and set a few new records! The biggest record was a total of 192 conversions this transfer, it was the most we have ever had here in the Buenos Aires West mission. My companion and I worked very hard this transfer, and we were greatly blessed with results. We ended up with 13 conversions, which I believe is also a new record for the mission! We were able to have three more baptisms this past Saturday, which gave us the total of 13 conversions for this last transfers. I am so greatful for the opportunity to particípate in this work, it truly is the work of the Lord. Elder Tate and I were able to participate in the transfer meeting that took place yesterday by speaking to all the missionaries about the success we've had. The spirit was strong as we explained and testified to them. After we concluded our message, Pres. Benton came up and stopped us before we could leave. He expressed his love and told us how proud he was for our work this past transfer. He mentioned how I only have 6 months in my mission, and used me as an example that anything is posible. It was a really humbiling experience and I am very greatful for it. We truly worked hard and received the help of the Lord. Almost everyday this past transfer I came home physically and spiritually tired, but becasue of our obedience the Lord blessed me with the strength to continue each day.
So now it is a new transfer but Elder Tate and I our still companions here in Rafael Castillo. Elder Rivas got transfered, and Elder Brown is recieving a new missionary today. Also there were some changes made. Our preparation day has been moved to Monday, so please write your emails before Monday if you want me to read them. Also I would like to know if Brother Bulloch has received any of my cards I have sent him so if you find out please let me know because its hard to send and recieve mail here. I am trying to write everyone but its been hard lately because I hardly have any free time, the work is just too important. Also please send Elder Ludwig my address or send me his. I appreciate your love and support. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Take care and have a great week, con amor Elder Brooks.

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Cameron reads his mission call

Flag of Argentina

Flag of Argentina
The national flag of Argentina dates from 1812. The full flag featuring the sun is called the Official Ceremonial Flag (Spanish: Bandera Oficial de Ceremonia). The Official Ceremony Flag is the civil, state and war flag and ensign. The sun, called the Sun of May, is a replica of an engraving on the first Argentine coin, approved in 1813, whose value was eight escudos (one Spanish dollar). It has 16 straight and 16 waved sunbeams. According to tradition, during the Argentine War of Independence General Manuel Belgrano was commanding a battle near Rosario. He noticed that both the Crown's forces and the independence forces were using the same colors (Spain's yellow and red). After realizing this, Belgrano created a new flag using the colors that were used by the Criollos during the May Revolution in 1810. The flag was hoisted for the first time in Buenos Aires atop the Saint Nicholas of Bari Church on August 23, 1812. - Ref: Wikipedia.com