Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Dear Family, It's always great to hear from you! Sounds like everyone is doing great. Everything is going well here in Las Heras, Elder Baudon and I had a pretty good week and we are trying to get ready to start this week. Today during preparation day we went to Ramos Mejia. All the new elders that arrived this transfer and their traniers were called to go Ramos Mejia to have a meeting, lunch, and activities. It went well, we heard from President and Sister Benton, and reviewed and talked about the standard of our mission, after the meeting we ate lunch together, we had chinese food, it was a pretty big change from what i typically eat and it was pretty good. After lunch we played some soccer and basketball and then returned to our areas. Elder Baudon is doing great and is always trying to help me. I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve with Elder Baudon we really seem to be getting along well and we have been trying to take advantage of everyday. This Sunday was pretty crazy. During the week we were able to find some new investigators and we had made plans to take them to church. Come Sunday it started to rain in the morning. As you may know by now when it rains here sometimes even the members have trouble going to church. Especially here in the country the streets get really muddy and no one wants to leave. We had investigators in Las Heras and in Navarro so we planed out divisions in order that we were able to be in both areas. Elder Baudon stayed in Las Heras becasue he had to give a talk and I went to Navarro with a member. We took the bus to Navarro and we passed by a few investigators to take to church but no one wanted to go. We arrived at the church/house a few minutes before sacrament meeting had started. As we arrived Brother Zeballos who lives in the house was not home because he went to the stake center for a meeting. I was then informed by his wife, sister Zeballos that I would be directing the meeting and that I needed to put toegether the program. Shocked but excited I put together the program and we began the meeting. It was a great experience and it turned out very well. As soon as the meeting ended we had to leave to take the bus back to Navarro. Also during the week we had our interviews with President Benton. My interview went really well, President Benton is an amazing man. We were able to talk about my studies which are going well and we also talked about Christ like attributes. One of the attributes that I am trying to focus on now is charity, the pure love of Christ. Charity is love, and love is action, I have learned that without charity we are nothing. If we want to be more like Christ we should try and develop his love. I am grateful for the example of Jesus Christ in my life and for this opportunity to represent Him. I appreciate your love and your support and I look foward to hearing from you soon. Have a great week! Con amor, Elder Brooks.

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Flag of Argentina

Flag of Argentina
The national flag of Argentina dates from 1812. The full flag featuring the sun is called the Official Ceremonial Flag (Spanish: Bandera Oficial de Ceremonia). The Official Ceremony Flag is the civil, state and war flag and ensign. The sun, called the Sun of May, is a replica of an engraving on the first Argentine coin, approved in 1813, whose value was eight escudos (one Spanish dollar). It has 16 straight and 16 waved sunbeams. According to tradition, during the Argentine War of Independence General Manuel Belgrano was commanding a battle near Rosario. He noticed that both the Crown's forces and the independence forces were using the same colors (Spain's yellow and red). After realizing this, Belgrano created a new flag using the colors that were used by the Criollos during the May Revolution in 1810. The flag was hoisted for the first time in Buenos Aires atop the Saint Nicholas of Bari Church on August 23, 1812. - Ref: